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Price Match

Have You Found Something Cheaper On Another Website? 


We take great satisfaction in making sure you receive the most value for your money when buying your favourite products, and we will always go above and beyond to make sure you get the most affordable pricing. We recognise that you want to benefit from our free shipping for orders over £50, careful packing of your order, excellent customer service, and incredibly low prices; however, occasionally, products may be listed cheaper on other websites, preventing you from receiving the best when making an online purchase. As a result of our enormous inventory and inability to constantly monitor pricing among all of our rivals, this can occasionally happen.


We regularly verify our prices to make sure we are always providing the best value, but we can't check every product, therefore occasionally a product's price may be displayed lower than what we provide it for. This is where you enter the picture! Send us an email so that our colleagues can work their magic if there is something you want to buy from us but can find it listed elsewhere cheaper.


If a product fulfils our following criteria, we can then offer it to you at a lower price or better. In order for us to price match a product, we need you to supply a link to the product you would want us to price match. 


We can only match prices that are stated on the relevant website; they cannot be lower as a result of active sales or the use of promotional codes. 


We base our price match on a product's basic price.


Also, the item needs to be available on the relevant website.


The retailer in question must have over 100 reviews on a specialised review site like Trustpilot, Google etc in order to be recognised as a trustworthy merchant.


Only before making a purchase may we take a price match into account. Any requests made following the conclusion of the checkout process are not eligible. 


If a price match is accepted, we will update the product in question and give you a one-off discount to apply at checkout as a token of our appreciation for keeping us honest. 


Please send us an email at when you are prepared to file a claim.

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